The XM42-M Modular flame thrower is a complete overhaul of the original handheld flamethrower that grabbed the worldwide attention.

With all-new billet aluminum construction and a fully customizable layout, this rugged and sleek design is configurable to balance personal preference and capabilities.

XM42-M Modular Technical Specifications:
Length: 26.3 in
Width: 6.7 in
Height: 18.4 in
Weight: 8.0 lbs
Pilot Torch Fuel: 230g isobutane camping stove style canister
Pilot Torch Ignition: Pushbutton piezo spark
Standard Nozzle: .081″ solid stream
Typical Distance: 30 ft
Fuel Capacity: 0.4 gal / 1.5 L
Compatible Fuels: Gasoline, gasoline-diesel mixture, ethanol
Construction: Aluminum, stainless steel, fluoroeleastomer, nylon
Standard Finish: MIL-A-8625 Type III Class 2 hard coat anodized
Battery: 2200 mAh3S lithium polymer with XT60 connector

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