The TOPS Knives M4X Punisher is a combination knife, saw, crowbar and hatchet. Featured in the movie Punisher: War Zone. The M4X is known for it’s performance and not it’s looks, Under extreme conditions where resupply may be dangerous or never happen, you’ll have a razor sharp knife. A knife strong enough to break doors, chop down trees, hack through brush or break bones. The MX4 Punisher is not finished there. Hammer pegs, break glass and notch logs are some on the simpler tasks it will perform. As well as quartering game and hundreds of other cutting tasks. In use today by individual U.S. Army Rangers, Police, Search and Rescue Team members as well as campers, hikers, backpackers, hunters, farmers and outdoor adventurers through out the world. A few or more collectors have also decided to add M4X Punisher to their collection. A perfect blend of beauty and usability make this knife an excellent addition to your outdoor gear or knife collection. A work horse of a knife.

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