Utilis USA has partnered with Energy Technologies, Inc. to provide the total TacticalSolar Tent Systems solution.

Utilis USA provides a variety of military shelters from an innovative system of deployment. The ease and speed with which the shelter systems deploy saves soldier time and simplifies training.

Energy Technologies, Inc. provides power generation, power inverters, backup power, and a workstation for office and computing solutions. Power generation includes solar power, wind power, and gas and diesel generators. Environmental Control Units to keep shelters or equipment enclosures within the desired temperature & humidity range. Tactical Fuel Cell® Power Plants to provide several hours to days of continuous operation. ETI offers the most complete line of deployable field office equipment with the Tactical Field Office™.

Shelter Features:

  • Erected in less than 5 minutes
  • Range from 41 sq ft – 650 sq ft
  • External frame incorporates a unique folding-design
  • Rugged aluminum alloy frame
  • Traditional A-frame shape
  • Minimizes vulnerabilities and maintenance requirements
  • Outer Fabric Heavyweight protective PVC material
  • Meets performance requirements for MIL-PRF 44103
  • Strength, weather resistance and durability in any environment
  • Internal liner stays integral to the external fabric
  • Integrated electrical outlets and air conditioning plenum pre-installed
  • Packaged into three carry bags
  • Reduce the transportation requirements by one-third
  • The capability to complex to one another and to other shelters

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