Solo Skiff is a one piece seamlessly molded powered fishing kayak. Propelled by outboard, electric, or manual power. Solo Skiffs hull is a 1/2”+ thick dual layer rotomolded poly construction that makes the hull incredibly strong. All standard hardware attachment fittings are molded in and water tight to keep the inside bone dry. A fishing kayak that goes 15+ MPH, yet still paddles well, floats in 3” (loaded), easily launched from a truck, and is swamp proof!

Solo Skiffs built in insulated cooler is standard. The cooler drains OUT of the hull so the cooler can easily be converted into a flow-thru bait well, and can easily be hosed out. The cooler makes great additional storage for those that need it. With its tight fitting foam sealed lid, the cooler will keep your stuff dry all day, or keep your drinks cold while you fish!

Standard on every Solo Skiff is a heavy duty grab bar for launching and loading. Also is the storage hatch that acts as a seat or standing platform. Looking forward you can see the two rod tubes that are also standard. The tubes are sealed on the ends to keep out water and go forward to the bow to allow fly rod storage. The transom easily allows mounting of your power choice be it outboard as seen, or electric. Empower your fishing.

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