The Shimano Beastmaster Electric Reel includes Shimano’s GigaMax motor, a brushless design that provides high torque, high speed, and exceptional durability, and a maximum winding strength of 250-pounds.

  • Power: Max winding strength of 113 kg/250 lbs
  • Reduction gear 3x more durable: use of bearings and stainless steel
  • 25 kg / 55 lb stamina drag
  • Thermo adjust drag: 50% heat reduction
  • Heat Free System II: releases heat through vents on the side plate
  • Comes with Power Cable

Shimano Beastmaster Electric Reel has new 1.2 times bigger sized GIGA MAX MOTOR compare to previous model 2013 BM3000.
It gives more power to BeastMaster 3000XP, and more speed to BeastMaster 3000XS.

BeastMaster 3000XP and 3000XS has built-in motor in the spool. It gives Good balance for anglers holding reel.

By placing the S A-RB bearings in place, the reel spool in electric motor achieves the rotation of the exceptional performance “Fire Mach System”. Performance has a free rotating at an ultra-low load of only 3g that best matches to full Fukase fishing.

The size of the 3000 series will surprise you because of its compact size.

The “compact feeling” is obtained by boiling down the shape and the layout components. The LCD operation button is at the bottom of the screen and at the same time, the left thumb is placed in the position to ride with it which makes it more convenient during the jigging process. It is compared of the side plate found in luxury car. The evidence is the heat dissipation spool effect, effectively utilizing the face design, with leverage, rather than exhaustively overwhelming motor power of “Heat-free system II”. It was to match the sublimed fishing boat evolving each passing year having the next generation to think of cooler and more compact design.

Thermo adjustment drag control and Heat Free System II
Thermo adjustment drag control sysytem is to control the heat of drag when you fight big fish. Also Heat Free System II gives far better performance to the drag.

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