The Rezvani Tank is an Extreme Utility Vehicle built for any off-road and on-road challenge.

Born from the vision of a pure driving experience, the Rezvani Tank was designed to be the most capable vehicle on and off the road.

A Powerful Heart
At its core sits a reliable and powerful 6.4-liter 500-horsepower V8 engine capable of propelling TANK™ over any terrain.

Off-road Package
Two unique off-road packages provide high ground clearance, top of the line off-road suspension, and equally capable tires allowing for unstoppable capabilities over any terrain. Standard are GRID off-road wheel package with option for T6061 Air craft FORGED aluminum custom design wheels

Power-initiated, rear-opening doors provide easy access to the luxurious cabin.

Purpose-Built Seats
Ergonomically designed seats with just the right amount of padding provide maximum comfort for hours of driving.

On Demand 4 x 4
A proven and capable four-wheel-drive system can be activated when needed for off road use, and de-activated to be more efficient on road.

Elegantly integrated auxiliary lights turn night into day at the flip of a switch.

Thermal/Night Vision System
Thermal night vision system from FLIR displays heat signatures as well as standard night vision.

Rezvani Tank Options list customized to your specifications

Off Road Package – 6” Lift, 37” x 12.5” inch tires

  • Dynatrac ProRock 44/60 Axle Set with E-Lockers
  • Front and Rear 1350 Driveshafts
  • FOX 2.5” Remote Reservoir Shocks

Off Road Extreme Package 6” Lift, 37” x 13.5 inch tires

  • Dynatrac ProRock XD60/80 Axle Set with Air Lockers & Air Compressor
  • Dynatrac ProGrip Front and Rear Brake Kit
  • Front 1350 and Rear 1410 Driveshafts
  • FOX 2.5” Internal Bypass Shocks with DSC

FLIR Thermal Night Vision

Ballistic Armor (B4, B6, B7)

  • Kevlar Armor
  • Bullet proof glass
  • Military grade run flat tires
  • Kevlar protected fuel tank, floorpan, radiator

Leather Package

  • Leather seats
  • Suede headliner

Tow Package

  • Tow hitch
  • Front mounted winch

Convenience Package

  • Automatic opening/closing side steps
  • Heads up Display
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