Preppers Crucible – An EMP Tale, Omnibus Complete consists of all six books in the series, and it is intended to provide a reader with the entire story in one book. It is an epic tale that follows a group of friends through the harrowing aftermath of an EMP strike against the United States, and concludes thirty years after the event with the country slowly returning to normalcy. Packed with adventure and challenges to be met and overcome, it shows both the nobility of man, and the dark side of humanity at it’s worse. It is intended primarily to entertain, but includes many tips on prepping and how to survive the chaos that will someday, at some level of magnitude, confront us.

Bobby Andrews has been a prepper for over a decade. He lives in an undisclosed location in the Prescott, Arizona area. When he is not hunting, fishing, hiking, or camping, he can be found at shooting competitions around the region. His previous series, “Prepper’s Crucible”, achieved top ten status in the Dystopian Fiction and Post Apocalyptic category on Amazon.

Prior to retirement, he served his country for over twenty years, at home and abroad. He has lived in Asia, Latin America, and Europe. He speaks Bahasa Indonesia, Spanish, and German.
He has published in the traditional press, as well as on Amazon. Using different pen names, he writes non-fiction, and literary fiction, as well as post-apocalyptic fiction.


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