Strike from above with the smooth shooting, silent, hard-hitting energy and accuracy of the Oneida Kestrel.

Offering the best of both bow worlds, the Kestrel gives hunters the silky smooth, constant draw and feel of a recurve with the hard hitting power and impact energy of a compound. Combining high performance engineered structural composite outboard limbs with a precision cam and lever system and lightweight, durable, machined riser, this lever action bow delivers the goods when that trophy buck walks into shooting range.

This versatile bow also offers a wide range of letoff adjustment, thanks to its interchangeable module design. Giving demanding archers a unique combination of feel, precision, and performance in the field, the smooth shooting, natural pointing Kestrel delivers a high performance bowhunting experience like no other.

Popularized by the Arrow TV show. The Oneida Kestrel is the go to bow of Oliver Queen.

Fast target acquisition:
Perfected over decades of designing and building bows, our riser design delivers an optimum sight picture for instant targeting. This superior sightline allows archers to acquire targets faster than ever, while still delivering precision and accuracy.

Smooth Drawing:
Oneida’s advanced Power Limbs help deliver a consistent draw force curve, allowing archers to shoot anytime during the draw cycle. This snapshooting ability is incredibly important in bowfishing, where opportunities often present themselves in the blink of an eye.

Easy to Maintain:
If you ever run into problems in the field or out on the water, you’ll be happy you are shooting an Oneida Eagle. These easy-to-work-on bows allow many common adjustments in the field with just a few tools and no bowpress.

Quality Manufacturing:
Oneida Eagle Bows are 100% American made by serious bowfishermen and hunters who understand just how important it is to shoot the best. We pride ourselves on delivering the utmost in quality and customer service.

Finger Friendly:
Our lever action designs are extremely versatile to fit any archer’s preferred shooting style; deadly accurate with a release while still extremely forgiving for archers looking to shoot with their fingers.

Modern Styling:
Oneida Eagle Bows have a very unique appearance that stand out in the store or in your hand up on the trophy stand. The combination of recurve limb tips and state of the art cams jump out as something special, a look that’s sure to make your buddies jealous. Now offered in Official True Timber patterns Deadfin and Kanati.

Natural Pointing:
The ergonomic grip on an Oneida Eagle bow increases your natural point of aim, allowing for precision shot placement either with sights or totally instinctive.

Custom Fit:
Shooters of all sizes will appreciate the extended adjustment range for draw weight and lengths through Oneida Eagle’s module system (modules included).

Lightweight Design:
Oneida Eagle uses the highest quality materials to construct one of the lightest bowfishing bows available. When bowfishing all day, every added ounce of weight is crucial.

Oneida Eagle bows have earned the most wins in the tournament bow fishing world, capturing more World Championships than any other brand. In a sport where reliability is demanded, Oneida Eagle has dominated.

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