The Merax Chicken Coop and Rabbit Hutch is an excellent choice to house your poultry, including but not limited to chickens, ducks or other small pets. Lacquered in a waterproof material, this hutch is built for long lasting resilience and can withstand outdoor climates for you and your pets to enjoy for years. The heavy duty galvanized Steel wire mesh fencing surround the entryways of the coop to keep chickens and other small animals in and while keeping predators out, so you can relax knowing that your animals are safe from attack or harassment from predators. The house comes complete with has 2 levels that provide enough space for your animals to both rest and play comfortably. Included is also a built-in nesting box that will make it is easy for you to retrieve eggs. A heavy duty metal bolt slides into a pre-drilled hole to securely lock the entry door and keep your animals safe and from escaping, while a specialized pull out bottom floor drawer makes it easy to clean the interior with simply removal.

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