Guide-built and guide-tested on FA expeditions to the world’s highest peaks. This three person, four-season expedition tent is the new standard for the world most hostile environments. A true four-season expedition tent, the Katabatic 3-Person Tent surpasses what is being used in most expedition outfitters and guide services programs in the areas of weight, floor space, and most importantly, strength.

For years, The North Face VE 25 has ruled base camps on seven continents, but the reinvention of Eddie Bauer in its First Ascent line has brought a new big dome tent to the highest peaks. – National Geographic

‘This is the best four-season tent I’ve ever used,’ said one tester after his 2012 Everest expedition. Even at 26,000 feet, with winds routinely topping 50 mph, he proclaimed this six-pole dome (plus a pole for the fly) quick to pitch and solid as a rock. – Backpacker Magazine

Katabatic 3-Person Tent Features:

  • Double-wall constructionFor condensation control
  • Two-Vestibule DesignProvides extra space and storage
  • Steep wallsMaximize floor space without compromising footprint size
  • Y-Fly DesignSheds snow, increases load strength, and keeps the fly sheet quiet even in the nastiest winds

Winner of National Geographic’s 2012 Gear of the Year Award

Winner of Backpacker Magazine’s 2012 Editor’s Choice Snow Award

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