The Field Skillet is lighter weight and with a smoother surface for everyday use, it’s the closest living relative to vintage cast iron.

Product Details

  • 10.25″ top diameter, 8.75″ cooking surface diameter, 2″ high
  • 4.5 lbs
  • Pre-seasoned
  • Made in USA of 75-90% recycled iron
  • Works on all cooktops including: gas range, induction, and electric
  • Oven-friendly and fire pit-friendly (after some seasoning)
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Delivery Worldwide

Introducing User-Friendlier Cast Iron

25-50% lighter than most cast iron cookware

Naturally Non-Stick
Seasoning is where the magic happens

Rugged and smooth

Hand it down to your grandkids. We guarantee our pans for life

Use Anywhere
Your Field Skillet will perform beautifully on any heat source—glass top electric, induction stove, gas range, or camp fire. No excuse not to use it every day.

More Flavor
Brown, sear and crisp for more flavor

This is choose your own adventure with a handle

This is a partnership between you and a product. Made for the long haul. Made to be used every day. Everything we make takes a little work and care, but rewards with lifetimes of use and happy memories.

Good out of the box, even better after a few years, more fun if you take it out of doors, perfectly at home over some oak logs or on top of an induction range that costs more than a car.

The Field Skillet is 25–50% lighter than most other cast iron cookware. So, don’t break your wrist, but get all the performance benefits of cast iron cooking.

About the Field Company
The Field Company makes things that get better with time, better with care, better with skill, and generally speaking, better when experienced with others.

We take things that used to be made well, or are simply no longer made, and then we make them again, with improvements and modifications as needed, the way we believe they should be made.

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