The Easy-Split Wood Splitter is a unique hand held firewood splitting tool combines the “sledge and wedge” method of splitting wood all into one unit. Completely portable weighing only 12 pounds total, this tool is easy to hold yet packs a wallop!

A patented milled directional surface has been applied to the wedge faces, which keeps the tool moving into wet, green or super hard woods without bouncing out, ever! That’s right- absolutely no bounce back or recoil making this one of the safest ways to split firewood. This hand held wood splitter has been proven for over twenty years to provide greater safety, less effort and more control than other hand operated devices.

This item is designed to split seasoned firewood and will not work for splitting firewood that is green, or unseasoned.

Engineered and built entirely in the U.S.A. Each part is individually machined and powder-coated for long use including a zinc electro-plated handle. Measures 55″ Long.

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