The Corum Security Facial Recognition Smart Door Lock features 4 in 1 unlocking methods that uses any combination of Facial Recognition + RFID + Passcode + mechanical key. Using 8 alkaline AA batteries which will last 12 months under normal use. Built in external 9V emergency battery contact points. Reversible handle that fits both left and right orientation. All of our products are built to last, we use high strength alloy that out performs other materials commonly used. And we select our components so that they will withstand and survive our toughest test. By providing the latest technology in biometric access control. We have solved various obstacles that forbidding the popularity of it. We can finally announce a solution that combines reliability with affordability. Facial recognition is one of the most secure way of biometric authentication. Unlike finger print technology, Facial recognition is absolutely immune to duplication. Photos and videos will not bypass our system. Also with the aid of Infra-red technology, our lock functions even in a completely dark situation.

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