The Coleman Powersports Gas Powered Mini Trail Bike Trail200U (CT200U) is a nostalgic, reliable, affordable off-road trail mini bike that will take an adult back to their childhood. Carrying racks on the classic design give you a great look with added utility. The Coleman mini bike will provide years of fun on the trail for the entire family. It comes with easy pull start operation, 196cc engine, low pressure tires for a soft and stable ride, rugged and proven clutch, jack shaft, and chain drive along with rear drum – handle operated braking system.

Plenty of Power
Just because it is nostalgic doesn’t mean it rides that way. The 196cc 6HP OHV engine will power you through the trails all day with plenty of muscle while being gas efficient. Classically designed with modern power technology and materials, this mini bike will take any adult back to their childhood with force.

Soft & Stable
Stability is important off road. Low-pressure tires provide a soft, smooth ride for stability even on rugged terrain. In addition, rear disc break allows for reliable stopping.

Tough Like You
We know you’re tough, so this mini bike was built tough. Built with a rugged, proven clutch and a solid, sturdy metal frame, this heavy-duty machine will withstand years of fun on the trail so you can go kick some dirt.

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