Teardrops have always been available as build-your-own projects. You can find ads for kits and plans in old magazines from the 1930’s and 40’s. Some of these are pretty sophisticated, but most are clumsily-built, and look and feel cheap. “What if we take the same boatbuilding materials and techniques we’ve been refining for 25 years at Chesapeake Light Craft and build a teardrop trailer? And the same sculptural approach that we bring to boat design?” Harris asks. The output was the CLC Teardrop Camper Kit.

The result is the 5′ x 8′ (1.5 x 2.4m) teardrop you see here, and it’s a lot more elegant than the common “canned ham” teardrop designs. Drawn around a 60 x 80″ (1.5 x 2m) air mattress, this little camper is small on the outside but surprisingly roomy on the inside. Two adults up to 6’6″ (198cm) can stretch out in great luxury. Large doors on both sides and a 15″ square hatch on the roof provide easy access and copious ventilation. There’s room for a 12-volt electrical system to run lights, fans, a stereo, and charging plugs for devices.

CLC Teardrop Trailer KitA large galley occupies the locker in the rear of the trailer. While this space could be customized in many different ways, staff designer Dillon Majoros has devised a brilliant shelving unit that drops in as a separate module, and which we’ll offer as a kit option. For car-camping or tailgating, this will be a giant improvement over a tent. No fooling around setting up a tent: arrive at destination. Park. Open door. Climb in. Go to sleep.

What’s included in the base kit?

Everything you need to build the basic camper:

  • Parts CNC-machined from BS1088 marine okoume plywood
  • Slot-together CNC-cut plywood female mold
  • Fiberglass
  • Epoxy kit
  • Copper wire for stitching, various fasteners
  • Marine acrylic windows
  • Door and galley hatch hinges
  • Gasket material for doors and galley hatch
  • Hatch lift pistons and hardware
  • Door and galley hatch latch assemblies
  • Bezel for roof hatch
  • Standard fit-kit for trailers
  • Spiral-bound illustrated step-by-step assembly manual

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